365.fintech secured its first large investments also thanks to the help from The Booster Labs - experts on incubation and investing into Fintechs

365.fintech is a newly launched investment platform whose goal is to support the Fintech ecosystem by investing in Slovak start-ups and cooperating with leading multinational start-ups from the financial sector. With this objective, 365.fintech partnered up with innovation studio The Booster Labs, whose team is dedicated to development of new Fintech products and value propositions – and has a long-term expertise in foreign and domestic start-up investments. The cooperation has already brought about its first successful investments and partnerships.

Thanks to the cooperation with Booster Labs, 365.fintech has already invested in Austrian venture capital fund Speedinvest f and afterwards sealed the deal with  Dutch fund Finch Capital. ‘We are extremely happy with the cooperation and believe that thanks to the shared vision and dedication for work with start-ups, it will continue to be successful’ explained Daniel Hajdiak, board member of 365.fintech.

The main goal of 365.fintech is to invest mostly in regional start-ups with product synergies with the 365 ecosystem, however, it also aims to cooperate with large venture capital funds. This is where Booster Labs team’s expertise and professional network proved to be particularly helpful.

 “The cooperation between 365.fintech and The Booster Labs begun in the beginning of 2018, whereas our current and new form of cooperation is active since October 2018. We set up an investment strategy together and actively monitor the Slovak market as well as the Central-European start-up market.”Added Peter Gabriž, co-founder of The Booster Labs.

The Booster Labs team set-up the first start-up accelerator aimed at helping and financing fintech start-ups in Central Europe. It also has experience in working with international funds such as Anthemis Group – a prestigious fund based in London with expertise in investing in financial services and technology start-ups.

Besides the cooperation with 365.fintech, The Booster Labs invests in start-ups itself and has seen several successful investments, such as Fidor Bank - neobank based in Germany or Albert, a United Kingdom based start-up, which has been acquired recently by Santander. The Booster Labs also incubates Slovak fintech start-ups such as Payowallet or Papaya POS.